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Three Letter (LLL) .COMs Domain Sale Analysis for 2018

LLL .com names are the cornerstone of many domain investor portfolios.  This is because they have been extremely liquid, highly sought after assets which have experienced considerable appreciation over the last decade.

QEIP is very active in the LLL .com/.net market, and currently represents over 100 three letter domains. We felt it would be informative to examine some of the LLL .COM sales in 2018. *It is important to note that we are only using sales data reported by NameBio.com in this posting. NameBio.com is a great tool but it only reports a small fraction of total domain sales that occur. As an example, we have been a part of 6 figures of three letter .com sales this year which are under NDA.

All disclaimers aside, it is good to analyze sales data that is available. Below is a list of all 90 LLL .com sales that were reported to NameBio in 2018.  There are only four names that are actual dictionary words, including the massive ice.com sale which is a pretty big outlier. Here are some statistics on 2018 three letter .COM sales:

LLL .com incl *words - $8,411,665 total sales / 90 sales / avg sale $93,463 / median $28,800

LLL .com w/o *words - $4,436,665 total sales / 86 sales / avg sale $51,589 / median $27,000

Some other interesting observations to note:

Domains ending in ‘X’ are very hot! They appear 7 times above the median sale priceand only once below (actually twice but it was the same domain,Vqx which was purchased in June and resold for almost $3k profit in August).

- 11 of the top 20 domains reported in this list are already being utilized by end users, of those 3 are being used as cryptocurrency trading platforms (Ice, Hpx, Emx).

*Ice.com $3,500,000 Jul/2018

Dax.com $500,000 Feb/2018

Nwm.com $325,000 Jul/2018

Een.com $300,000 May/2018

*Gab.com $220,000 Sep/2018

Dxb.com $220,000 Jan/2018

Urw.com $195,000 May/2018

*Can.com $155,000 Jan/2018

Fxt.com $150,000 Aug/2018

Wjx.com $150,000 Mar/2018

Cpu.com $140,000 May/2018

Nbx.com $130,000 Jul/2018

Hpx.com $130,000 Jan/2018

Flo.com $127,258 May/2018

Ila.com $125,000 Aug/2018

Emx.com $120,000 Mar/2018

*Ore.com $100,000 Dec/2018

Wsb.com $85,000 Jun/2018

Nfc.com $77,507 Oct/2018

Ntd.com $75,000 Dec/2018

Osl.com $72,000 Mar/2018

Kug.com $60,000 Feb/2018

Amz.com $57,000 Aug/2018

Ocx.com $50,000 Feb/2018

Maq.com $49,999 Aug/2018

Btm.com $48,605 Jul/2018

Vrk.com $48,440 Apr/2018

Cpx.com $44,700 Feb/2018

Kul.com $43,143 Mar/2018

Scu.com $40,000 Jun/2018

Wsb.com $40,000 Feb/2018

Rfq.com $37,000 Dec/2018

Rhd.com $35,000 Aug/2018

Boj.com $35,000 Jan/2018

Dpn.com $32,220 Aug/2018

Rxs.com $32,200 Aug/2018

Zwz.com $32,200 Feb/2018

Qwe.com $31,400 Jun/2018

Cxp.com $31,000 May/2018

Bey.com $31,000 Feb/2018

Yon.com $31,000 Jan/2018

Ixa.com $30,767 Mar/2018

Ebf.com $30,500 Aug/2018

Ggn.com $29,000 Dec/2018

Bjn.com $29,000 Jan/2018

Oys.com $28,800 Apr/2018

Pfp.com $28,600 Sep/2018

Mvc.com $28,000 Jan/2018

Dkm.com $27,500 Sep/2018

Wzm.com $27,000 Mar/2018

Wxt.com $26,750 May/2018

Krc.com $26,000 Sep/2018

Rxj.com $25,715 May/2018

Daz.com $25,500 Dec/2018

Lzk.com $25,500 Sep/2018

Njd.com $25,322 May/2018

Nzd.com $25,000 Nov/2018

Zdn.com $25,000 Sep/2018

Nbd.com $25,000 Sep/2018

Cyn.com $24,950 Aug/2018

Kga.com $24,550 Jun/2018

Rqd.com $24,500 Mar/2018

Syv.com $23,000 Apr/2018

Imk.com $23,000 Jan/2018

Jld.com $22,792 Sep/2018

Cwr.com $22,665 Dec/2018

Rkl.com $22,500 Sep/2018

Iyb.com $22,000 Feb/2018

Xnk.com $21,000 Dec/2018

Iaw.com $20,501 Aug/2018

Yal.com $20,500 Oct/2018

Tiw.com $20,000 Nov/2018

Uen.com $17,600 Nov/2018

Eum.com $17,400 Dec/2018

Yzk.com $17,000 Jul/2018

Iez.com $16,600 Sep/2018

Yig.com $16,100 May/2018

Huv.com $16,100 Mar/2018

Pxo.com $16,000 Nov/2018

Azh.com $15,000 Dec/2018

Nqi.com $15,000 Apr/2018

Ojv.com $14,500 Sep/2018

Dqo.com $14,500 May/2018

Vqx.com $14,230 Aug/2018

Kju.com $14,100 Sep/2018

Vju.com $13,500 Sep/2018

Uzy.com $13,400 Jun/2018

Vqx.com $11,578 Jun/2018

Zuj.com $11,473 Dec/2018

Zsv.com $11,100 Jan/2018

How to Get your Domain Sold for Top Dollar?

For those who own domains or want to own domains, there are certain levels of selling that need to be recognized depending on your domain investing strategy.

There are three places to sell your domain:

General Marketplaces (Eg. NamePros, Ebay)

Domain marketplace websites (Eg. Flippa.com and Sedo.com)

Private Inquiries (You wait for people to make offers on your domains or you actively seek out buyers)

The value of your domain and the amount you want for your domain should determine what place to sell your domain. This is because there are three different kinds of buyers that you deal with when trying to sell your domain: 

Resellers are the people, like qeip, who wish to buy domains at the lowest price possible so that they can make a profit on them immediately. The only place that we might encounter these buyers are in public auction sites and such but we don’t want to sell to these people because they hinder our earnings potential even if we could make a profit off of them.

Investors are the people who pay a premium for a domain just to have it as investment which they believe will gain in value in the future and they can sell it. Investors are our target audience because they are all of all of the venues that we sell on and they can get us large profit margins.

End users are the companies, entrepreneurs, and people that want to buy a domain to develop it into a full-fledged website or want it as a redirect for branding purposes. End users are our target audience because they have generous budgets and they are willing to pay tens of thousands or more to obtain the domain they want without any questions or persuasion necessary. 

What you have to understand is that Marketplaces (eg. Ebay) are filled with resellers who won't give you much for your domain because they want to make a quick profit off of it. Domain Marketplaces (Eg. Flippa) are mostly resellers with a few investors. Then you get to Private Inquiries which almost always consistent of end users with a couple investors.

What you see is that End users can only really be found through private inquiries. End users can only really be taken advantage of through strong brokerages. When a company sees that a brokerage firm, like qeip, is representing a domain, they feel more entitled to listen than if a "domain owner" came up to them to ask them to buy said domain. Qeip takes advantage of this fact with our brokerage services which focus on a four step process:

1. Qeip is hired to sell a premium domain for someone.

2. Qeip makes a list of companies that in related industries which they use to make a list of business contacts in the advertising/marketing departments of these companies.

3. Qeip contacts each of these business contacts through calls and emails to announce to them that a premium domain is available .

4. Qeip gets multiple offers from different companies, which they use to start a bidding war to get the domain the highest price. 

This process in addition to our extremely low commission prices is why domain owners choose us over the big brokers. If you want to learn even more about our brokerage services, please go to fill out the form below:

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What Makes a Domain Valuable? (Free Appraisals!)

There is literally an unlimited amount of domains in existence so how can one tell the different between one that is valuable and one that is worthless? The short answer is scarcity and the amount that the buyer wants that particular domain.

The long answer for the value of domain is that it is determined by a number of factors:

Google Keyword searches - The amount of times that people search for a certain keyword that is within a domain can be a great determiner of its value. An domain such as DomainName.com has around 300,000 searches a month and is therefore a very good investment. These searches are so valuable for companies because each of those searches has a good chance of getting a customer to the domain's website it shares a keyword with. These keyword searches normally have to be bought from Google Adwords by the companies so owning a domain with a lot of keyword searches can save them a lot of money. 

Length - The length of a domain is one of the number one ways to immediately determine a domains value. Just looking at a  domain, one can tell its worth based on whether it has 2, 3,4, or 5 letters. Each number of letters has its own resellers value, market value and end user value. Short number domains like 1111.com sell for tens of thousands and have been gainly value aggressively. Length can refer to number of letters or numbers but it can also refer to number of words. A domain worth investing in should have only one or two words within it. 

Registration Age - Age can be a good indicator of an domain's value as older domains have more money invested to keep them renewed each year. It costs a certain amount to keep a domain each year so if someone is going to pay $20 a year for 20 years to keep a domain, then, they probably have a good reason for keeping that domain. Every premium domain is aged but not every aged domain is premium. 

Extension - Nowadays, there are hundreds if not thousands of different domain extensions ranging from the classic .com,.org,.net all the way to .de,.xyz,.io and others. Most premium domains that are worth investing in are .com but a few good ones are .org or .net (like coffee.org sold for $100,000). For the rest of the hundreds of extensions, they are only usually worth something if they are one or two letters (but even then they won't sell for more than a couple thousand).

History - A domain's history can help to determine its value because domains that have previously had successful websites on them increase the domains value exponentially just for the sake of branding. In addition to that, a previous website means that there will probably be a lot of natural traffic coming to that website which makes owning that domain very profitable no matter whether you are cash parking it or trying to make a website out of it. Previous websites also bring backlinks, links to the site from other sites, for the site which makes long term traffic possible. Website history can go both ways though. If you own a domain that used to be a porn site, the domain's value decreases if you are trying to sell the domain to people who want to make a normal website out of it. 

Even if you use these tools to help value your domain, you still will probably be wrong about it even though you will be close. At the end of the day, a domain is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. 

Yet, qeip understands the necessity for valuations, that is why we offer free personalized domain appraisals which can be requested by submitting the form below:

Name *
QE Investment Planner's Approach to Domain Investing

Domain names have been continually appreciating in value at a higher rate than most investments. Currently, two letter .com domains that might have sold in 1995 for $10, do not sell for less than $300,000 today. 

Our expert planners use our customer's capital to buy premium domain names at below market prices in order to form personal domain portfolios. After obtaining a domain portfolio from us, you have the option to deal with managing them yourself or you can utilize our team's personal registrar. With our advice you get to decide when you want to turn your domain portfolio into liquid cash. If your looking to sell, there are many options for you to see a massive return on your investments. Our team has the options to wait for 3rd party buyers to make offers, to aggressively seek out potential buyers, or to take the domains to public auction. Through all of these options, our team will get you a profit but the highest returns are found typically when 3rd party buyers make outside offers.

Each domain will gain returns anywhere from 10%-1000% based on value that domain is bought and sold for and domains will not be sold for less than they are bought. *Domains managed by qeip are securely monitored through a encrypted registrar.

The domain names that our team specializes in are 3 + 4 letter .com domains (like cef.com and pptt.com) along with generic 1 + 2 word .com domains (like During.com and WebTraffic.com). In general, although your portfolio's domains are not liquid (like a mutual fund might be), they can be sold for any amount, transferred instantly, and accessed anywhere.  Domains offer a chance at near unlimited gain and with our expert buyers, you most always will have an portfolio that is worth much more than you purchased it for, from the second that we personally make it for you.