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Neil is an outstanding domain broker... His initiative combined with a strong understanding of the marketplace and the first rational sales strategy I’d heard convinced me to sign with him and I was never disappointed... We got a realistic order within a week... The process was smooth and painless thanks to his constant communication. Even after the deal was done and he’d been paid... he followed up twice to make sure I was satisfied.
— Carol Holding (Holding.com)

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Early 2018 Total Value of Domains Brokered by qeip.com (USD)

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What does qeip have to offer the average investor?

  1. Customized domain portfolios  using the highest growth commodity of domains for each client dependent on their budget, investment goals, and time frame

  2. Professional Domain Acquisitions that will let you secure any digital real estate without the hassle of negotiating and dealing with needy sellers

  3. Innovative Domain Brokerages where you will get the highest price for your digital assets without any work or commitment from you

  4. Industry low pricing that is affordable for every customer

  5. Experts who are knowledgeable in the field of domains & websites as investments and each have deep experience in sales and purchases

  6. The opportunity to take advantage of the rising price of scarce domains, such as 3 +4 letter .Com domains, by investing in them while they are still relatively undervalued

  7. Free Domain Appraisals to help you to understand the value of your assets

Learn More About the World of Domain Investing:

Put Domains into Your Financial Future

Domain names are becoming the risk adverse way for intelligent investors to invest in our modern economy

Our team specializes in are 3 + 4 letter .com domains (like cef.com and pptt.com) along with generic 1 + 2 word .com domains (like During.com and WebTraffic.com). 

    • These domains are among a group of some of the highest preforming domain investments of the last few years.

Domain Investments gain returns anywhere from 10%-1000% based on value that domain is bought and sold for.

    • Our team guarantees returns because our domains will not be sold for less than they are bought for.

Market Value of 3 letter .Com domains

*Projected Value of 3 letter .com domains for 2020

Market Value of 4 letter .Com domains

*Projected Value of 4 letter .com domains for 2020

Domains have been appreciating in value faster than any other commodity over the last 20 years.

  • 2 letter .com domains have gone from costing $15 in 1995 to being close to $1,000,000 today.

There are thousands of domains that get sold for thousands today that were brought for hundreds yesterday.

  • Diamond.com was bought for $150,000 in 1999 and was sold for $7,500,000 in 2007.