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Shed Simove™ Entrepreneur. London, United Kingdom www.MotivationalSpeaker.biz

"I was thrilled to purchase Deets.com from Neil to use as the brand identity for a exciting new app I’m aiming to build. It’s rare to find someone so professional, decent and fair. Communication with Neil was seamless and reliable, and the whole transaction was an utter pleasure from start to finish. Neil is a unique, meticulous and bright mind who is fabulous to do business with. Highly recommended."


Carol Holding HuffingtonPost Columnist. Seattle, WA USA

“Neil is an outstanding domain broker... His initiative combined with a strong understanding of the marketplace and the first rational sales strategy I’d heard convinced me to sign with him and I was never disappointed... We got a realistic order within a week... The process was smooth and painless thanks to his constant communication. Even after the deal was done and he’d been paid... he followed up twice to make sure I was satisfied.”

Qia.com & VMI.com

Michael Bilde Operator, Embrand Copenhagen, Denmark

"It is a pleasure working with Neil. Everything is handled very professionally, and he follows up with you every time there is a lead. Completing the transfers for sold domains has also been very smooth. I look forward to selling more names in cooperation with Neil in the future."


Lucio Palacini Director, Estacionamiento AirPark. Córdoba, Argentina

"I had a very good experience buying a domain with qeip. The seller, called Neil, helped me with everything and guided me which was important because I had no experience in purchasing a domain before. It was very good to meet him and I got exactly what I wanted without any hurtles. Thank you!!!"


Matt McCoy, Owner, Canadian BBQ Boys. Toronto, Canada

"Neil has great customer service skills and runs a great business. He is trustworthy and very helpful. If you are looking to build a business with a great domain, Neil is your guy!"

LifeCoverage.com, etc.

Mark Maidenburg, CEO, Nevin & Witt. California, USA

"I have been working with QE Investment Planners (Qeip.com) for the past couple of years on a few projects to include brokering high value domains for me. I have found Neil and has organization to be fair, honest and valuable. The value comes in their professionalism and the ability to sell my domains at even a higher price than I could have hoped for. QE Investment Planners has the ability to communicate the real value of good domains to potential buyers and in so doing, help them recognize why it is worthwhile to invest in them. I have enjoyed the attentive communication style that QE offers its clients and I look forward to my ongoing and future projects with them."

Ristorantes.com, etc.

Steve O'Brien, Managing Partner, CPi Sites, Inc. Chicago, IL USA NameStore.com

"Our company has been involved in the premium domain name industry since 1996. We have worked with Neil over the past couple of years for domain brokerage services. He has brokered many premium domain names for our company and every transaction has been completed professionally and in a timely manner. We all look forward to working further with him in the future."

*Crypto Domain*

Logan Flatt , CEO, Media Code, LLC Dallas, Texas USA

“Media Code, LLC recently received excellent domain name brokerage services from Michael Law and Neil Bostick of QEIP. Within only one week of running our domain name in QEIP’s email newsletter, Michael followed up by phone with several strong prospects for the domain name and immediately found an interested buyer. After only a few days of negotiations handled masterfully by Michael, buyer and seller agreed to terms and the deal was done. Based on our experience, we highly recommend QEIP for domain name brokerage services.”

Textbook.net, etc. 

Laurie Krick, Director of Business Services, NameJet.com, Inc. Kirkland, WA USA

"I am the Director of Business Services at NameJet, and have enjoyed building a professional relationship with Neil over this last year. NameJet is a domain aftermarket auction platform, listing thousands of quality domains from Private Sellers like Neil. He is a pleasure to work with, as I've appreciated his level of professionalism and attention to detail to ensure all tasks are completed promptly and accurately. He submits quality domains on behalf of his clients to auction on our platform, and in my opinion, has been quite successful!"

Other recent notable sales:

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