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Personalized Domain Investing* 

*(QEIP doesn't offer investment advice, we just help you to strategically buy and sell domains.)

At QE Investment Planners, we are able to purchase domains in bulk that are designed to instantly be worth more than their purchase prices. Plus, they will be able appreciate in value as fast as the domain industry itself. If you are interested in letting QEIP buy domains for you, the investing process is outlined below:

Step 1: Discussion

-The first step in our domain purchasing process is to get to know our client and their needs. After we have a clear view of their investment goals in our mind, we form a customized investment plan for our client, which they must confirm is what they desire for us to move forward. This plan will most likely contain how many domains the customer wants, their budget, their desired categories, in addition to any special domain requests that the clients might have.

Step 2: Purchasing

-After the client and us reach an agreement to the terms and content of the domain portfolio, we start the search to find the most valuable domains for the least amounts. We will ask for all of the funds necessary to purchase the domains up front and we will notify you when each domain has been secured. This process can take a couple of weeks or more depending on how many domains are required.

Step 3: Managing/Advising

-After all of the domains have been acquired for the client, the client has the option to either manage the domains themselves or opt to have our team manage their portfolio for them. From there, typically it is a good idea for the domain portfolio to wait for at least year or more before considering selling unless the client gets third party offers for the domains before then. During that time, we will advise our clients on what their best plan of action is depending on what the market condition is for your category of domains. 

Step 4: Profiting

-After the client decides that they want to sell their domains, they have the option to sell their domains by themselves or to utilize our expert team to take their domains to market one by one. We will work around the clock using many venues and strategies to find the perfect buyer for each of your domains and to sell each one for profit margins nearing 10-1000% per domain. The one thing that we can promise you is that we will not sell any domain for less than we bought it.

Step 5:  Repeat

After all of the domains have been sold and our business with the client seems to have ended, we believe our client will be so satisfied with their returns that they will want to get a new personalized investment portfolio to start the process over again!

(The two main steps in this process are two separate transactions: Domain Name Purchasing and Domain Name Selling. Our fees for each step can be found on our pricing page. Our advice and customer service for this process are built into the fees.)

Are you interested in learning even more about our investment portfolios?

Then, click the button below to fill out an preliminary form to contact us regarding your interest in our personalized domain investments. Also, we are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding becoming an domain investor and our approach to creating lasting value. Please be as detailed as possible, Thank you!

Domain Investing Strategies


Our team has many ways to acquire premium domains to add to your personal investment portfolio. All of these techniques put the investors first as our strategies seek to buy the most valuable domains possible for the least that we can negotiate. Currently, we utilize three venues to obtain valuable domains:

Domain marketplace websites (Eg. Flippa.com and Sedo.com)

Private offers (Our team emails premium domain owners to negotiate buying their domains)

Expiring auctions (Our team is able to secure premium aged domains at far below market prices by buying them in auction right after their owner forgets to renew).


For every domain portfolio that we create for our clients, they have the option (but are not required) to use our team to liquidate their assets for the highest amount. For selling, our team has both a passive and aggressive approach to turning our domain names into liquid cash. The passive approach revolves around letting our premium and scarce domains appreciate in value over time and waiting for someone to send an offer to buy it. The aggressive approach is to list our domains for sale at every venue and to actively contact prospective buyers to get the domain sold for as much as possible in the least amount of time.

Going forward, it is wise to acknowledge that there are three kinds of buyers that we deal with as sellers. There are resellers, investors, and end users.

Resellers are the people, like qeip, who wish to buy domains at the lowest price possible so that they can make a profit on them immediately. The only place that we might encounter these buyers are in public auction sites and such but we don’t want to sell to these people because they hinder our earnings potential even if we could make a profit off of them.

Investors are the people who pay a premium for a domain just to have it as investment which they believe will gain in value in the future and they can sell it. Investors are our target audience because they are all of all of the venues that we sell on and they can get us large profit margins.

End users are the companies, entrepreneurs, and people that want to buy a domain to develop it into a full-fledged website or want it as a redirect for branding purposes. End users are our target audience because they have generous budgets and they are willing to pay tens of thousands or more to obtain the domain they want without any questions or persuasion necessary. 

(For customer testimonials regarding the effectiveness of this investing process, click here.)

Investment Categories (with top past sales)

1 word .com

One word .com domains are some of the most valuable domains as they are desired by all big businesses for their branding purposes. They are all worth a good amount as long as they are actual words.

Fund.com - $9.9 Million

Casino.com - $5.5 Million

Diamond.com - $7.5 Million

Software.com - $3.2 Million

Investing.com - $2.45 Million

3 letter .com

Three letter .com domains have been on the rise over the past decade. In 2005, they would sell for around $3000 a piece and, today, they sell for no less than $20,000 a piece. That kind of appreciation is the epitome of why these make such great investments.

qnb.com - $1,000,000 

btc.com - $1,000,000 

fly.com - $1,760,000 

sky.com - $1,000,000 

fly.com - $1,500,000

2 word .com

Two word .com domains can be worth a lot or a little depending on how much traffic and keyword searches they get. They are rather undervalued right now and would make a good investment going into the future.

BabyGames.com - $250,000

CarGames.com - $200,000

OrganicBaby.com - $168,000

ForexBrokers - $150,000

NeverFail.com - $150,000

4 letter .com

Four letter .com domains have also been on the rise in recent years as they have gone from $10 a piece in the late 2000s to an average of $275 a piece today. These domains make especially good investments as they have appreciated exponentially over the past 5 years.

vivo.com - $2,100,000

kiwi.com - $800,000 

jade.com - $1,250,000 

ebet.com - $1,350,000 

dudu.com - $1,000,000

Number .com

Number .com domains pose an interesting investment as they are even more scarce than letter domains as there are only 10 number and 26 letters. This scarcity has driven up the price of short number .com domains to record high levels.

399.com - $821,819

588.com - $1,000,000 

899.com - $801,000

100.com - $950,000 

114.com - $2,100,000 USD


There is plenty of other premium domains that make good investments like domains in these categories but in the .net or .org extension. There are plenty of options our experts can give you if you wish. Specifically, new extensions have done extremely well in the last few years.

Furniture.co.uk - $650,000

Game.cn - $512,000

md.org - $550,000

WebHosting.co.uk - $500,000

aktien.de - $725,000

If you want to see all of the millions of domain sales that have occurred in the last few years, go to namebio.com. Search through past sales to see what your earnings potential could be given each investment category. Also, check the dates on each past sale to see the rate at which each domain's value appreciates at.

What Makes a Domain Valuable?

There is literally an unlimited amount of domains in existence so how can one tell the different between one that is valuable and one that is worthless?

Domains value is determined by a number of factors:

Google Keyword searches - The amount of times that people search for a certain keyword that is within a domain can be a great determiner of its value. An domain such as DomainName.com has around 300,000 searches a month and is therefore a very good investment. These searches are so valuable for companies because each of those searches has a good chance of getting a customer to the domain's website it shares a keyword with. These keyword searches normally have to be bought from Google Adwords by the companies so owning a domain with a lot of keyword searches can save them a lot of money. 

Length - The length of a domain is one of the number one ways to immediately determine a domains value. Just looking at a  domain, one can tell its worth based on whether it has 2, 3,4, or 5 letters. Each number of letters has its own resellers value, market value and end user value. Short number domains like 1111.com sell for tens of thousands and have been gainly value aggressively. Length can refer to number of letters or numbers but it can also refer to number of words. A domain worth investing in should have only one or two words within it. 

Registration Age - Age can be a good indicator of an domain's value as older domains have more money invested to keep them renewed each year. It costs a certain amount to keep a domain each year so if someone is going to pay $20 a year for 20 years to keep a domain, then, they probably have a good reason for keeping that domain. Every premium domain is aged but not every aged domain is premium.

Extension - Nowadays, there are hundreds if not thousands of different domain extensions ranging from the classic .com,.org,.net all the way to .de,.xyz,.io and others. Most premium domains that are worth investing in are .com but a few good ones are .org or .net (like coffee.org sold for $100,000). For the rest of the hundreds of extensions, they are only usually worth something if they are one or two letters (but even then they won't sell for more than a couple thousand).

History - A domain's history can help to determine its value because domains that have previously had successful websites on them increase the domains value exponentially just for the sake of branding. In addition to that, a previous website means that there will probably be a lot of natural traffic coming to that website which makes owning that domain very profitable no matter whether you are cash parking it or trying to make a website out of it. Previous websites also bring backlinks, links to the site from other sites, for the site which makes long term traffic possible. Website history can go both ways though. If you own a domain that used to be a porn site, the domain's value decreases if you are trying to sell the domain to people who want to make a normal website out of it.