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Our Standard Pricing

For all of the services that we provide, we at qeip focus on staying loyal to our customers as we try to get the most money or save the most money for our customers. As we do this, we ensure that customers maintain profitable throughout the world of their investments in domain names. We are so confident of our investing services that we will give all new customers a free domain purchase. We guarantee that no brokerage agency can beat our percentage based pricing for the quality of work given.

Actual pricing for our services differ on a client by client basis. The prices below represent our standard pricing

Domain Name Brokering/Selling

It can be a long process to find the right buyer for our customers. It is an even harder and longer process to find a buyer who is willing to pay a premium for your domain. Yet, our domain brokers and sellers are willing to go the extra mile to get that fantastic sales price for our customers. Sedo.com and Godaddy.com both charge near 25% commission in addition to you having to pay for expensive listing fee and they don't even do anything but create a listing for your domain.

Price: 20% of Total Sales Price (15% for 3 Letter .Com Domains)

Domain Name Acquisitions 

Acquiring domain names for end users is a very long and tiresome process of negotiating much like domain name purchasing. But domain name acquisition differ from normal purchases as they require more discretion and more attention as our brokers are seeking a specific domain and not just a general category of domain. 

Price: 15% of Total Purchase Price

Domain Name Purchasing 

Domain Name Purchasing is our standard investing service for clients wanting a broad range of domains for marketing or investing. This can be a long and hard process of finding the right domains to fit your needs while striving to get the lowest possible prices for each domain. Despite that, qeip has remained faithful to our customers as we charge industry low fees for our services. 

Price: 10% of total Purchase Prices

Individual Domain Names

We offer many different premium domains for sale through our website. Each price of each domain should be different as it is calculated by a variety of factors including registration age, extension, length, purchase price, etc. For all domains, we are willing to lower the price by 2% immediately if you choose to do the transaction on Escrow.com rather than through the website.

Price: Domain by Domain Basis