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Call For Submissions - QEIP Weekly Domain Investing Newsletter

Hi Insiders!

As part of our service, we run a weekly newsletter that goes out to 2000 targeted and active domain buyers. There are not only domain investors subscribed to our mailer but many digital marketers and entrepreneurs as well. We are seeking quality and aggressively priced inventory to run in our weekly newsletter. While we do offer premium domain brokerage and sell top names for retail prices, that is not what we are calling for in this post.

Types of names we are looking to market via newsletter brokerage:

  • Short .coms priced to sell: three letter (LLL), pronounceable or western premium four letter (LLLL) and in some cases brandable 5-6 letter .coms

  • One word domains: .COM preferred but we will consider one words in .ORG/NET/IO as well. If you have a really good ngTLD that does not have premium renewal and is priced aggressively you can send that as well. Please do not send long lists of non .com domains.

  • Exceptional Two Word .COMs - We're looking for two words with high search volume, CPC and/or exceptional brandability. We will also consider niche .com portfolios (ie..cannabis, blockchain, gambling, etc)

Inventory you send in should ideally be priced between $2k - $25k depending on quality. Please send domains that are priced. You must own the names be willing to let us market them for at least a month.

** Submit domains with best possibly pricing! Our newsletter is a great way to sell your liquid assets for fair prices but we are not looking for retail priced submissions here ** 

E-mail michael (at) qeip dotcom