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2018 One Word .Com Sales

Your domain name is your brand. One word .Com sales continue to grow in 2018 and in 2019 already with two reported sales breaking seven figures this year Chocolate.com and California.com. Below is a list of the top 20 one word .Com sales that were reported last year. This is just a small sampling of transactions that are happening, most high profile domain sales remain under NDA.

In 2018 Ice.com was the top sale, an acquisition by the Intercontinental Exchange. Several crypto and cannabis related sales trending along with body, comfort and positive brand domains. Almost all of the names on in the top 20 sales from last year are in use which is a strong indicator for the demand based on results for one word .Coms. Industry experts for the most part all agree that the best scarce, short and descriptive .Coms are still undervalued and are great investments.

Digital assets such as premium domains are perhaps the most important investment a business organization or individual can make. Some interesting testimonials to that can be found here, here and here. Also recommend this article by Alan Dunn that highlights 100 more companies that get domains.

2018 Top (reported via NameBio.com) Domain Name Sales

  • Ice.com $3,500,000

  • Super.com $1,200,000

  • Great.com $900,000

  • Files.com $750,000

  • Liquid.com $750,000

  • Christian.com $600,000

  • Inception.com $550,000

  • Sleeping.com $502,225

  • Snoring.com $502,225

  • Kush.com $500,000

  • Tokens.com $500,000

  • Plants.com $450,000

  • Pain.com $399,999

  • Inspection.com $335,000

  • Strength.com $300,001

  • Signet.com $300,000

  • Calculator.com $250,899

  • Gab.com $220,000

  • Hybrid.com $190,000

  • Deposit.com $170,000