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Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Domain Sales

Below is a list of only a handful of cryptocurrency related domain sales that have been recently documented. There is a high demand for premium cryptocurrency & chain domains and the appetite of buyers for these kinds of names will only grow as the market cap of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to increase as well. Cryptocurrency markets have really picked up steam since April and overall sentiment seems to have shifted back to a bullish outlook.

More real world products and use cases are coming from blockchain technology and cryptocurrency adoption is increasing everyday. All of the projects that service these industries will need names. Most will just settle for what is available. Eventually the best projects will outgrow the alternative extension domains they launched on and need to upgrade. Some have long term vision from the start and come out of the gates with a huge advantage (owning the exact match .com).

Domains are a key piece of the puzzle and are the original digital assets, before bitcoin was born. QEIP.com brokers many amazing keyword and one word cryptocurrency and blockchain domain names. Please feel free to reach out to a domain broker if you need help acquiring or divesting from a premium domain name in this niche.

Ice.com $3,500,000

ETH.com $2,000,000

Liquid.com $750,000

Tokens.com $500,000

BitcoinWallet.com $250,000

CryptoWorld.com $195,000

CryptoBank.com $125,000

CryptoRate.com $99,888

CryptoGame.com $85,000

YouCoin.com $79,100

Prometheum.com $71,842

CryptoNews.com $50,536

BitcoinSV.com $50,000

BitcoinCash.org $48,888

Bitcoin is a technological tour de force.
— Bill Gates