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Premium Domain Owners choose qeip because of Our:

  1. 100% confidential process

  2. Extensive network of online investors for quick sale.

  3. Extensive experience in sales & brokering high value digital assets.

  4. No up front fees with a flat 20% commission upon successful sale. (Minimum $500 fee)

    1. Decreased commission of 15% for 2/3 letter .com domains and select generic .com domains.

We want to broker your domain if you own one or more .com domains that are:

  • One Word

  • 1-4 Letters

  • Aged with High Traffic & Keyword Searches

If you are unsure if your domains are premium enough, take a look at the current assets that we are brokering: here

Our Process is as follows:

1. Our team evaluates your domains to determine the ones that we would like to sell.

2. We help you to price them and we create individual listings for each one on our website.

3. In order to successfully sell your domains, qeip uses a combination of online advertising, phone calls, and emails directed towards investors & companies in order to reach the right buyers for your digital assets. In this, we offer three main services to help sell your domain:

  • Inbound - With the purpose of maximizing interest generated from inbound offers, we will list your domain name on a custom landing page, suggest a price, and manage your leads from negotiation to closing of escrow. All you have to do is redirect your domain to the listing that we will create, and we take care of the rest while keeping you in the loop.

  • Outbound - In order to generate offers for your domain, we use contact databases in combination with our personal connections to identify business professionals in potential companies in related industries that would want the domain. In addition to this, we utilize our large investor network to solicit buyers to invest in our domains.

  • Auctioning - Auctioning your domain name is the fastest and most efficient way to sell a domain. QEIP has long standing relationships with the best auction houses & brokers in the industry and we use these relationships to get your domains listed at no extra charge.

4. Once we give you a offer that is satisfactory to you, we begin the process of escrow where the transaction is done through Escrow.com and you are paid & the domain is transferred efficiently.


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