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I understand that I am coming into contract with qeip.com regarding the services that they are rendering me. In this, by checking each box, I am agreeing to each term.
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This number out of 100 will be multiplied by the sales price of the domain to give the amount that is going to be paid to qeip at the end of this transaction. If you were not given a specific commission amount, please use our company standard of 20%.
If qeip is able to sell your domain for more than 1.5 times its minimum price, then this new commission percentage will apply to the difference between the sales price and the minimum price stated. So if qeip sells your domain for $10,000 at 20% commission (with 50% bonus commission) with a $5000 minimum price, then qeip would take $3500 and you would get $6500.
This is the renewable amount of time the agreement is valid for. After this time has expired, the brokerage contract will be renewed unless you would wish to end or edit the agreement. 6 months is the standard renewal time.
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