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Trekking.com is for sale

Thanks for your interest in Trekking.com - Pricing is provided to serious parties that have a genuine interest in acquiring the domain. Value Points for the domain:

1. High Sales of Lesser Extensions (See below:)

trekking.info 7,590 USD 2010-11-03 Sedo

trekking.net 7,404 USD 2006-05-02 Sedo

trekking.org 2,620 USD 2011-12-29 Sedo

2. Its Highly Aged (Registered in 1997)

3. Highly Competitive (“Trekking” is taken in 90 other extensions besides .com)

Use the button below to contact a domain broker and learn more about this premium domain name. In your email to the broker, please provide any related information regarding your intent for the domain.