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Whether you are an entrepreneur trying to buy your first domain or a seasoned investor looking to build on an established portfolio, QEIP has a variety of domains for sale to suit your acquisition requirements. Using our portfolio of clients in addition to our network, we are able to find the perfect domain to fit your budget, goals, and interests. If you are looking to acquire a specific domain but do not know where to begin, let us deal with the negotiations and purchase process.

Seasoned Investors & Established Businesses use qeip for their digital asset acquisitions because of our:

  1. 100% confidential process

  2. Access to a extensive network of domain owners

  3. Knowledge in domain value & experience in both sides of domain sales

  4. Ability to be efficient & cost-effective

  5. $0 up front fees with only 15% fee upon successful acquisition of domain.

qeip regularly works with investors, companies, & entrepreneurs to help acquire the domain that fits their goal. We will work within your parameters to provide you a list of domains that will fit your need. In addition to this, we provide services to acquire a specific domain for you at the lowest price without revealing your identity. Whether you want to secure a particular domain for branding purposes or you want a variety of domains for online marketing/SEO, qeip is the discrete low commission & low stress solution for you! Our team of domain name experts have much experience in negotiating domain name prices to acquire the best domains for the lowest prices for our clients. Our team is here to satisfy your needs whether you want to purchase any single domain or you want us to purchase a certain category of domains.

Acquiring domain names for end users, like you, is a very long and tiresome process of negotiating much like domain name purchasing. But domain name acquisition differ from normal purchases as they require more discretion and more attention as our brokers are seeking a specific domain and not just a general category of domain. Our pricing for this service is an industry low of 10% of the final purchase price. We promise to get the lowest price possible for every domain we are hired for.

Learn more about our domain acquisitions below:

Our Process:

1. We talk with you to determine what your needs are regarding a domain acquisition (whether its for branding, marketing, or investing)

2. We help you to determine how much your acquisition will cost in relation to your needs

3. Using our domain owner network in addition to a general database, we get in contact with premium domain owners to start the negotiation

4. We will get you the lowest price possible for each of the domains you wish to purchase and we will finish the transaction(s) through a secure escrow service, escrow.com

5. You do not have to pay anything until the domain is successfully transferred into your account and you are satisfied.

If you are interested in our secure & confidential domain acquisitions, please submit the form below and we will contact you to start to learn about your needs:

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