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Domain names are digital assets that offer opportunities for people around the world in our modern day economy. A domain name (also called a URL) is the foundation of an Internet business. Domains have certain properties in search engines, like Google, to make them necessary for any company needing to expand their online presence, traffic, or keyword ranking. Due to the natural scarcity of them in addition to the increase in corporate demand for them, domain names are unique alternative investments for individuals looking to diversify their holdings. Whether you are looking to rebrand your online business, diverse your investments, or liquify your digital assets, qeip has the innovative & cost-effective solution for you.


Our team has recently been formed in late 2016 as a response to some of the  inefficient intermediaries in the current domain market. The people on our team have strong backgrounds in market research, investing, sales, and finance. Our firm picked digital assets (eg. domains & websites) as our focus because they have huge margins of growth, are easily transferable, and they are investments that we can feel good about as they help to support millions of entrepreneurs world wide. QEIP was started as a one man shack with Neil hustling from his couch in Cincinnati's east end. Now it has grown to be a world-wide team with lease & purchase agreements drafted in over 15 countries.

Our Outlook

QE Investment Planners is not just an acronym for qeip but it is a team of techy deal makers that connect intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, & investors to the right domain name.


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We at qeip know it can be intimidating and difficult process to get to know the internet investing space. So, please reach out to us to discuss a potential investment in domains, a digit asset brokerage, or just throw a few questions our way!

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We are a fast growing team of experts in domain names and finance with a big background in technology. If you feel that you would fit into that kind of culture, feel free to look over our careers page to see if any job listings interest you!




Our Leadership



Managing Broker & Founder

Neil Patrick Bostick

To understand’s Neil success in domain sales, it is important to look at his professional experience which began at top IT firm, Data Intensity, where he learned the science of outbound B2B sales. From that, Neil went the entrepreneurial route and founded a few service-based websites, including a hosting site which able to gain almost a million subscribers. After realizing the sales potential for this business, Neil learned the process to sell a business as he executed his first website sale. This sale started Neil’s entry into the domain business as he gained a new appreciation for the efficiency in due diligence, verification, & escrow services that is uniquely present within online domain transactions. Since 2015, Neil has primarily focused on domain investing and the making of his brand, QEIP, as made hundreds of transactions by himself & in partnership with numerous industry partners, including DomainHoldings, NameJet, DSAD, & others. During this time, Neil has produced numerous 4/5 figure sales along side a few precedent setting 6 figure sales.

Besides domain investing & brokering, Neil works closely in the creation of new business as he still is actively involved in a few web businesses. In his free time, Neil defines himself by his numerous hobbies, which include being a gourmet chef, competitive tennis player, skeet shooter, herbalist, as well as a winemaker.




Finance & Accounting

London School of Economics   Department of Management


Website: NPB.com

Phone: +1 (513) 203-1795

Email: Neil@qeip.com


Domain Broker - High Value Assets

Luke Tatman

To understand Luke’s success with domains, look no further than his last job, which consisted of Luke heading a part of the sales operation for an electric truck manufacturer, WorkHorse. In this experience, Luke was able to sell $XXX,XXX trucks to all types of business professionals, from local delivery companies to established logistics companies. Luke’s experience with trucks transfers over seamlessly to domains as he now pushes super-premium .coms with the same intensity just without the added tons of weight. Besides selling, Luke remains very involved in the community entreprenerially as he has started his own ventures while he also serves as a board member at his family’s paper company. Aside from business, Luke’s interest includes sailing, studying about American history, Cincinnati sports, and all things involving German cuisine. And with every brokerage Luke sells, he puts half of his commission in his own ‘brewery fund’ which he plans to use one day to launch his own beer brand.


University of Cincinnati
Real Estate & Entrepreneurship 


Email: Luke@qeip.com

Our Global Sales Team:


Domain Broker - Corporate Outreach

Joan Mercene

Joan is one of the few at QEIP who came in a veteran broker from before. Nope, not domain brokerage … but real estate as she has been a licensed RE broker for over a decade. Neil has always called domains ‘online real estate’ but having a licensed broker here at QEIP really shows where the future is as the world transitions online. Beyond RE, Joan has a plethora of experience in the online world as she has been in many eCommerce & tech-based positions. She especially loves remote work via the Internet so that she can spend time with her 3 beautiful children. If you are interested in hearing how she applies her RE sourcing skills in finding corporate domain buyers, feel free to reach out!



Email: Joan@qeip.com


Senior DOmain Advisor

Adam Yamada-Hanff 

Adam's professional digital background consists of being a SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) Specialist. With SEO, he dances with search engines and plays with keywords to help put clients at the top of searches. With PPC, he lifts revenue & ad clicks while dropping ad spend. What some people view as the magic of digital marketing Adam views as simple. Adam's professional interest in search marketing lead him into the wacky and fascinating world of domain names brokerage. Adam is no ordinary domain flipper though as he has had some of his sales featured on DNJournal's leaderboard he also remains one of the lucky few to ever win a lottery for just for registering a domain name. Although his background is in marketing, Adam has brokered domain deals for all types of people, start-ups, and established companies. Apart from the transaction side, he regularly advises on naming, branding, and domain acquisitions. Overall, it makes him extremely happy when he helps a company or entrepreneur find the right brand for a product or service. 



Email: Contact Us


Lead Generation - Southeast Asia

Melissa Mae Uy

Before joining qeip, Melissa was a Human Resource Supervisor for a large hotel chain, Empire Suites, where she learned how to deal with many different stakeholders at a personal level. From there, she transitioned online with her own business where she did lead generation and social media consulting for professional businesses around & about in the Philippines. Currently, she is using QEIP’s sales formula in her own style to generate corporate leads for QEIP’s top inventory. Besides work, she spends her time reading, going to the beach, & taking care of her total of 5 dogs!


Email: Melissa@qeip.com


Far Eastern University - Manila Bachelor of Science - Psychology


Lead Generation - Digital Strategy

Liezl Robles

Liezl (called “Lizzie” by her friends) is a hard working mom that got into domain consulting to really leverage her skill of lead generation with her need to work from home. She has been in lead generation for more than 3 years now but when she isn’t doing that, she has a very strong challenger is many of the singing competitions around the Philippines (See her perform HERE). When she isn’t singing, she is at home cooking up a storm as she believes it is the ultimate stress-reliever.


Email: Liezl@qeip.com