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Domain names are digital assets that offer opportunities for people around the world in our modern day economy. A domain name (also called a URL) is the foundation of an Internet business. Domains have certain properties in search engines, like Google, to make them necessary for any company needing to expand their online presence, traffic, or keyword ranking. Due to the natural scarcity of them in addition to the increase in corporate demand for them, domain names are unique alternative investments for individuals looking to diversify their holdings. Whether you are looking to rebrand your online business, diverse your investments, or liquify your digital assets, qeip has the innovative & cost-effective solution for you.


Our team has recently been formed in late 2016 as a response to some of the  inefficient intermediaries in the current domain market. The people on our team have strong backgrounds in market research, investing, sales, and finance. Our firm picked digital assets (eg. domains & websites) as our focus because they have huge margins of growth, are easily transferable, and they are investments that we can feel good about as they help to support millions of entrepreneurs world wide. QEIP was started as a one man shack with Neil hustling from his couch in Cincinnati's east end. Now it has grown to be a world-wide team with lease & purchase agreements drafted in over 15 countries.

Our Outlook

QE Investment Planners is not just an acronym for qeip but it is a team of techy deal makers that connect intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, & investors to the right domain name.


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We at qeip know it can be intimidating and difficult process to get to know the internet investing space. So, please reach out to us to discuss a potential investment in domains, a digit asset brokerage, or just throw a few questions our way!

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We are a fast growing team of experts in domain names and finance with a big background in technology. If you feel that you would fit into that kind of culture, feel free to look over our careers page to see if any job listings interest you!




Our Leadership



Managing Broker & Founder

Neil Patrick Bostick

Neil's professional experience is rooted in working at top IT leader, Data Intensity, as a sales leader where he learned the science of outbound B2B sales. From that, Neil has founded a successful website, FileDriveX.com, which he grew to have over 900,000 visitors in less than two months, before selling it. Neil took his knowledge and earnings from websites to invest in domain names, in late 2014. For the last four+ years, Neil has made hundreds of transactions as he has been actively buying and selling domains for substantial profit margins both by himself and in partnership with numerous industry partners, including DomainHoldings, NameJet, & others. During this time, Neil proved the viability in domain names in the alternative investment class as QEIP domain investments averaged 215%+ ROI from 2016 through 2018. Currently, Neil is overseeing qeip's digital asset investments & brokerages as he works to generate sales & build online businesses. 




Finance & Accounting

London School of Economics   Management 


Website: NPB.com

Phone: +44 7493 366905

Email: Neil@qeip.com


Executive Broker - VIce President

Adam Yamada-Hanff 

Adam's professional digital background consists of being a SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) Specialist. With SEO, he dances with search engines and plays with keywords to help put clients at the top of searches. With PPC, he lifts revenue & ad clicks while dropping ad spend. What some people view as the magic of digital marketing Adam views as simple. Adam's professional interest in search marketing lead him into the wacky and fascinating world of domain names brokerage. Adam is no ordinary domain flipper though as he has had some of his sales featured on DNJournal's leaderboard he also remains one of the lucky few to ever win a lottery for just for registering a domain name. Although his background is in marketing, Adam has brokered domain deals for all types of people, start-ups, and established companies. Apart from the transaction side, he regularly advises on naming, branding, and domain acquisitions. Overall, it makes him extremely happy when he helps a company or entrepreneur find the right brand for a product or service. 

Aside from marketing, Adam is also a well-respected automotive writer and editor having co-founded the car news magazine, CarNewsCafe.com. Combining his interests of writing and being a "gearhead," working on CarNewsCafe.com is a great fit. He is a member of the International Motor Press Assocation (IMPA).Adam is under the impression that television was invented to broadcast Top Gear and South Park. He also likely will never get over a hobby of looking at cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles he does not have the money, room, or time for. 


Email: Adam@qeip.com


Senior Domain Broker

Michael R. Law

Michael brings 15 years of digital asset management and sales experience to the qeip team. Known as a people person, Michael is not only very friendly, easy to communicate with but is also a great listener and problem solver with extensive knowledge of the Internet landscape and passion for helping clients succeed. Michael understands the power of a great brand and why pairing that with a premium domain name is such a honorable task to perform for each company & investor he works with. Beyond his online endeavors, Michael loves speaking Spanish, hiking the outdoors, photography, snowboarding, cars, and spending time with his family.


Email: Michael@qeip.com

Our Global Sales Consultants:


Domain Broker - Corporate Sourcing

Joe Hemmer

Joe is experienced in eCommerce in addition to the general retail industry as he has lead market research & sourcing for many investment banking related projects. Recently, Joe has dedicated his free time to developing a new company, Bopiz (which is anti-bacterial, eco-friendly, and cost-effective screen cleaner). Currently, Joe works heavily in the market research & due diligence division of the PE Store as he helps to successfully execute brokerage deals. Joe is one of the head brokers of the domain selling part of qeip.com when he is not creating website M&A deals.




Accounting & Finance


Email: Contact Us


Domain Broker - Asset Consulting

Albert LaValle

Prior to joining qeip, Albert has been involved with a number of small business and local non-profits through personal consulting experience. Through engaging with and helping improve a number of businesses, Albert has developed a reputation for finding innovative solutions for complex problems. As a broker at qeip, Albert has drawn upon these past experiences to help clients find the optimal domain to maximize growth and future revenues. Outside of work and school, Albert is an accomplished endurance athlete, displaying dominance in various open water swims, triathlons, and half marathons. With his proven drive and problem-solving ability, he is a valuable member of our team here at qeip




Accounting & Consulting 


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Leo Shi

Domain Broker - Market Research

Leo Shi

Leo is a new member to the qeip team who was strategically hired to help expand qeip's presence in the growing domain industry of China as he is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and has vast experience in the Chinese investing market . Prior to joining qeip, Leo worked at Orient Securities in Shanghai, China doing investment research, learning to examine different types of industries and calculate financial risk. As the domain broker in charge of market research, Leo does diligent market research on which domains to sell and finds corporate clients who can strategically purchase these domains. While new to the domain investments industry, with his past experiences combined with his work ethic, Leo will prove to make valuable contributions at qeip.



Boston College-
Carroll School of Management

Finance & Business Analytics


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Domain Broker - International Relations

Yahya Ahmedi

Yahya has experience in 3 bulge bracket investment banks, 2 of the Big 4 accounting firms and multiple international law firms in United Kingdom, Switzerland and United Arab Emirates. Currently, Yahya is also an active member of the Manchester University Trading & Investment Society and part of the staff student committee at the School of Law. Before joining qeip, Yahya successfully sold many digital assets specialising in domain names and has advised SME’s on digital acquisitions. Yahya actively partakes in sports such as polo where he is a member of the University of Manchester Polo Society, Clay shooting and Football.” Yahya is currently overseeing all brokerage transactions & client relationships for qeip for UK & the Middle East.


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Manchester University
Investments & Business